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Spectacular in helping me buy houses in 2012 and 2019!

Randall has been absolutely spectacular in helping me buy houses from when we first met 7 years ago. I was unable to find a bank to get me pre-qualified for a mortgage, and a bank recommended I talk to Randall to help me out. He had the right connections to get me pre-qualified and into a house during the low price and high demand of the housing boom (in 2012). Randall navigated relationships to get me into a house and that was awesome. I obviously went back to him in 2019 when I was looking to buy my most recent home. We ran into issues with the seller and Randall was able to navigate the situation and get the house closed even after I had given up on the issue. Without him, I wouldn't have gotten into either home. So, I'm super grateful to him for helping build my life and home along the way. I will always use him for my future Real Estate needs.

Randall is patient, collected, not pushy, super responsive!

Randall is patient and very collected. He is not pushy and gets back to you every time you have a question. He has an excellent knowledge of the market and doesn't disregard any suggestions.

First home referred by friends!

We were referred to Randall by a friend of ours and we are glad he was our agent. Just about a month and a half ago, we started our house hunt in Contra Costa County. Randall scheduled a few properties for us to look at and unfortunately, the home we wanted went over our budget. The following weekend, he was able to set us up to view 5 to 6 properties in one day, which is awesome because it is a bit of a drive from South Bay. The last home we looked at ended up being our choice. We were able to put in our offer and close within a few weeks! It did become a bit stressful when the sellers took a while to submit their signatures, but Randall was on top of it and reached out to their agent at all times. After that was solved, it was a pretty fast process and Randall was very responsive will all the questions we had. He was informative and very helpful every step of the way.

True Professional with a wealth of knowledge!

Randall was a pleasure to work with and a true professional with a wealth of valuable experience. Despite being in the potentially challenging position of representing both the Seller and us as Buyers, his advice was always sound, unbiased and in our best interest. We are so impressed by his responsiveness, helpful insights and his genuine kindness. Thanks to his expertise, we navigated the process with confidence and ease to become first time homeowners. Thanks Randall!!!

He is a professional and very responsive!

It was a pleasure working with Randall when we bought our house He was very knowledgeable with the market and process. It was very smooth and I highly recommend. He is a professional and very responsive.

This is the second time I've used Randall!

This is the second time I've used Randall, once when I bought the house and this time when I sold the house. Randall went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me sell my house. He was clear and concise and answered all my questions perfectly. I felt very at ease and comfortable about selling my house to the perfect buyer! =) I highly recommend him as well as use him in the future. Thanks for a job well done!

Second home he helped me buy was my investment property!

Randall is the “go to” agent to get the job done. He sold a home for me in 2014 and recently worked as my agent to purchase an investment property. In both situations Randall did an excellent job. He sticks with it to ensure all parties are satisfied. Should the need arise I would definitely work with Randall again

Listened to us and helped us save money on the sale!

Helped us find a home in a timely manner. Listened to details of what we wanted and helped us to find a house with those features. He helped us save a considerable amount of money off the listing price--great negotiator. Walked us through every stage of the buying process. Was very knowledgeable and able to advise on mortgage and entire home-buying process. The most courteous and polite person you may ever meet. Very friendly and always ready to answer questions and explain the process. I would definitely recommend Randall to my friends and family anytime.

Helped my sister buy a home and got me my condo!

Working w/ the most patient, caring, hard-working real estate partner is Randy. Randy with the agent for my sister and brother-in-law's 1st home purchase a few years ago. I reached-out to Randy to get his guidance on prepping to make the purchase. He gave me the best advice. That real-time advice enabled me to get pre-approved, find real estate options and more importantly execute on a purchase that we won! Randy is an exceptional real estate partner. He's more than an agent. He really is a consummate professional and friend. You can't ask for a better partner to be in-your-corner executing on the biggest purchase of your life. I've already recommended 2 colleagues to him. That's how much I trust him!

Easy to work with, responsive to your needs!

Randall was easy to work with. He is responsive to needs and good with keeping in touch via email and texting which is great for busy people. He provides good advice and anticipates needs very well!

He made the home buying process easy as 1, 2, 3!

The best thing I can say about Randall is that he was more than just our real estate agent, he was through the whole process a trusted friend, giving great advise and guiding us along the way. He would take our calls late at night or first thing in the morning, meet us at anytime any place so we can see the homes we wanted. In the end helping us find the right place for our family and our happiness was his number one concern. Great professional, great experience, and now a family friend. Thanks Randall!

My mom's home was in a trust and he was very knowledgeable!

My name is George. I have lived in San Jose for 65 years. I saw some of Randall's marketing before in our neighborhood and finally met him at an open house he had for sale. He is very knowledgeable and personable. I had a home in a Trust and I was looking for a quality Realtor because their were many parties involved in the Trust to accommodate and satisfy. Randall lived up and exceeded my expectation. He had great fresh ideas to sell my home. He kept the transaction and communication going smoothly from beginning to end. He marketed the home perfectly - brought in plenty of offers, negotiated top dollar for my home and it was a win-win! I would recommend Randall to my family and friends. He is truly a professional in his industry. If your looking for a quality Realtor - Randall is your man

Randall helped us buy our home when the market was HOT!

Randall is an excellent realtor to work with. He has in depth knowledge of local area and market trends. He is well organized and get you the results. We bought home at time of market frenzy when bidding wars were rampant but thanks to Randall whose expertise beat the odds

We trust him - both of my son's bought a home with Randall!

I have two sons that have used Randall Ramirez to purchase their homes. My first son was a experienced home buyer and my other son was a first time home buyer. Since me and my husband are home owners and also own investment properties we know the value in finding and choosing a Realtor who is experienced and one you can trust. Both of my sons are happy they selected Randall as their Realtor of choice. He provided a fantastic job for both of my sons and used his skill’s to negotiate a lower price and close with minimum difficulty on both of the sales. We would highly recommend Randall to anyone who is looking for a Realtor who they can trust and expect professional service! Sally Cortez

He was able to help me find a house when no one else could!

I can't begin to say how much of a miracle worker Randy is, he was able to help me find a house when no one else could. I had recently graduated from college and immigrated to the USA, I had a good credit score in the US, but I couldn't find a bank that would give me a mortgage due to my visa status. I was actually referred to him by Chase because the mortgage banker there thought he might have connections that would be able to help me. She said, that unlike most real estate agents in the bay area, Randy was not stuck up and was in the business because he loved helping people. Randy definitely lived up to this reputation; I could tell every step of the way that he loved helping people find homes, and as a result he always went above and beyond my expectations. Randy used his connections to get me in touch with one of his mortgage brokers and they were able to help me find my way to mortgage approval. Randy also went above and beyond every step of the way, writing up a story about me that went along with the offer to put a person to the offer. This ended up helping me get a house within only a few weeks of looking because the seller was impressed by this and it set our offer apart from the rest. Randy helped me and answered tiny questions and concerns I had along the way, he even was able to negotiate down the fees on my mortgage when he looked at them and thought they were unusually high. Even now that I have moved into my new home Randy still checks in to see that I am OK and offers to help me with the things that inevitably come up after moving into a new home.

Second home we bought with Randall!

Randall helped us by our first place, a townhouse, about 5 years ago. When we decided we wanted a single family house, I didn't hesitate to call him again. He's not pushy and lets you do your own thing until you're ready to make an offer. I like that.

I am very happy I chose Randall!

I am very happy I chose Randall to represent me. My name is Daniel and I am 26 years old a local from San Jose. Randall was referred to me through a family member. Not only did Randall help me buy my first home but he helped me get pre approved. My first purchase was a short sale and needed some work. This sale took approximately 90 days and I was informed every step of the way. Randall's experience and negotiating skills helped me negotiate the price down to compensate for the damage that was done to the home. He executed a professional experience on the buying side along with collaborating with other agent to keep this transaction going smooth from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Randall Ramirez to anyone looking for the best Realtor in Silicon Valley.

Helped us sell our home to help us buy our new home!

Randall helped us both sell our house and purchase a new one. It was a long road for us since we had never gone through the selling phase and were hesitant about how well our home would do on the market. Randall was with us every step of the way. We looked for many months for a home and he was unfazed by the number of houses we looked at. He did not have an easy task with us since we were looking for mountain living. When we finally found a house we liked we had to then look back at our's and make some changes for better presentation. He came into our home and assessed our need to remodel some before selling. He even recommended a contractor to come in quickly and make the necessary changes to increase the value of our home. In two months we were able to update our home, sell it for much more than we expected, and buy the one of our dreams. It was not a straightforward transaction for many reasons, among them that my husband was traveling a great deal but Randall managed it all nicely. He was fantastic to work with and has become a good friend. No matter what the circumstances, you can trust Randall to have the patience and the knowledge to help you sell and/or buy your new home.

He remodeled our home prepped it and sold it for top dollar!

Where can I start? Randall, helped us sell our home and purchase a new one. We did not want to sell our existing home until we identified a new one to purchase. The process took 13 months. During this time we must have looked at 100 homes. Each time Randall would do the research and be prepared. And more importantly would always be "fresh". He never made us feel like we were wasting his time, or had been through a home with him 99 other times. Eventually we found the perfect dream home. The home had been taken off the market, but Randall was able to work with the previous listing agent to show us the home. We fell in love with it and asked Randall to put in an offer which included a 60 day close. Once the offer was accepted we asked Randall to sell our home with a 30 day close. Randall has a lot of contacts and he found someone to prep our home for sale within our timeline. We were every happy with the work. In the end our home sold right away for a lot more than we listed. We had 9 firm offers. 8 of them for way more than listing price. Did we list too low? No not really. The objective was to get as many solid offers as possible to pick the strongest and move onto our dream home. On ethics, Randall is second to none. He represented one of the buyers for our home and he told me that another offer was stronger and why. He did this even though he made thousands less on commission by only handling one side of the transaction. I cannot say how much I appreciate someone doing business straight up like that. A few more thing, Randall never has as sign anything in terms of representation until we made an offer. Yes, he showed us 100's of homes not knowing if he would represent us. He does business the old fashioned way. With his word and a handshake. The same way I enjoy doing business. Also, I am an extremely busy person. I told him from the beginning that I prefer to text. While always available to meet in person, via phone, etc, he worked with me mostly through texting which saved my wife and I a lot of time and made coordination easier and communication faster. He reads people well and always adjusts to what is best for you. As with the contractor, he recommend a great loan broker. I own my own business so my financing is not straight forward. But the people he surrounds himself with like him, are great to work with. There is no question in my mind that Randall will do everything he can to get you into the home you want at the best possible price, and also sell your home for the best possible price. But don't take my word for it, contact him, meet him, and decide for yourself! For such an event in life, you owe yourself to do your due diligence. Contact him, meet him, you will be happy you did!

Sold my rental home in 10 days no surprises!

Bottom line...we closed escrow within 10 days!!! For the price I was looking for and the ease of the whole journey,... I owe to Randall. From the beginning he showed me the reality of the market which my property was on. No false or unrealistic hype. He Physically took and Showed me comparable properties in the same zip code and why they had sold and also the ones that had not sold and been on the market for 2-3 months. He kept me abreast of every detail throughout the whole journey, which to a seller or buyer is a great feeling....NO Surprises!!

Randall helped us purchase our 1st investment property!

Randall is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. He helped us purchase our first investment property in Orangevale, CA. The property was a foreclosure and required special attention. He was patient and worked with the other agents, our loan broker, the title company and other parties to get it done. I would recommend him for any real estate transaction, you will be pleased with his knowledge and service.

He is personable and professional high degree of integrity!

I would recommend Randall without hesitation. Randall is both personable and professional with a high degree of integrity. Randall worked with me to sell my mother’s home with timely success at a fair value. I appreciated his ability to maintain the necessary structure and steps in working with buyer’s to reach a win – win for both parties. His communication style is balanced with need to know without leaving an individual wondering or overburdened with too much communication. Randall is knowledgeable and experienced with the necessary laws and regulations. Randall will give his opinion if asked without hesitation which creates a sounding board to guide an individual with decisions that need to be made. It was a pleasure working with Randall.

He sold our home and made it possible to buy our new home to retire!

Randell Ramirez, sold our home and made it possible to buy a new home in Nevada, he even found us a new realtor in Nevada. He was great to work with helpfull, and was with us though everything. If your looking to buy a home call Randell he's you guy.

Randall helped me buy my first investment property 4-plex!

I recently retained Randall Ramirez as a realtor in acquiring a property in the Bay Area, CA. Randall Ramirez helped me purchase my first multi-family 4-plex rental property. He helped me save $10K by negotiating down the price. Randall was most helpful from the beginning of the process to the closing at the end. He is very knowledgeable about the whole process whether its helping you buy or sell the unit, and he explained it step by step. He always took phone calls when I had questions, no matter when it was and he went above and beyond to help me find the ideal property for me. One of Randall's strengths is his outstanding attention to detail. Because of this, everything was done in a timely manner and there were no glitches in the process. Furthermore, Randall has very good 'people skills' and is very easy to work with. He was able to communicate and get along with all the parties involved in acquiring the property. I would highly recommend Randall Ramirez and will definitely use him at some point when selling or acquiring real estate again. He is by far the best real estate agent I have ever encountered. You will be well served if he is looking after your interests.

He was there for us 100% of the time, made sure we were happy!

Randall put my family in our first house. He was there for us 100% of the time and made sure we were happy. I would recommend Randall to friends family and use him in the future for all my real estate needs.

Randall is a gem!

Randall is a gem! He was more than patient and very understanding and considerate of what we wanted in our next home. He shared with us invaluable information about how to be competitive in the current market and what we can do to increase our chances. Randall was extremely patient in explaining the whole process to us newbies and always there to answer questions or get more information for us. We really felt that he worked incredibly hard to get the best deal for us and had our best interests at heart. We were very impressed with the level of care, expertise, and professionalism we received. Calls and emails were always returned almost immediately. He was responsive and we always felt like we were his most important clients. I would recommend Randall to friends and family without reservation.

He was great to work with from selling our home to buying!

Randall was great to work with from selling our home to buying our new home. The best thing about working with Randall was his honesty and I never felt that he didn't have anything but our best interests in mind. I consider him more of a friend than just an agent and would recommend him to anyone.

Paid all cash!

Randall Ramirez was so very helpful and professional selling my home that I have lived in for 20 years plus at the same time helping me purchase my new home! Every step of the way Randall was responsive, savvy and very knowledgeable. He sold my home substantially over asking price and found the perfect location and ideal new home - paid all cash! I was totally elated with both purchases.

Transaction was seamless!

We took more time preparing for the sale than the Sale itself. Randall sold my Mother's home via multiple offers in just one week and closed 10days later! His knowledge and market strategies achieved the highest possible sale price for my Mother. Transaction was seamless! I would recommend Randall and would use his services again on future Real Estate needs.

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